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Here I was standing at the centre of the park giggling like a child playing freebies for the first time, blind to the world around me.

My eyes shut and my world still to allow the fresh air caress my face. For this moment, nothing else mattered, not the sound of the trees as the harmattan breeze romanced its branches nor the sound of car horns or even the loud laughter from loved ones playing at the park.

Absolutely nothing!

For this moment, all that mattered were my thoughts, the feeling of standing here, the reality of my dreams.

That’s right, the reality of my dreams. Such Oxymoron! I thought sheepishly to myself. I would have thought it was a dream if I wasn’t conscious of my two feet on top of the dry grass rather than tucked in neatly beneath my warm duvet or if the sun wasn’t rather unfriendly as it battled supremacy with the harmattan breeze or the frequent dust pickles on my face as the wind chased each other like shameless lovers in daylight.

But this wasn’t a dream, It was real. Why didn’t I believe totally? I still pinched my forearm to reassure myself. The self-inflicted pain was all I needed to jolt my senses back.

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Do you see? You couldn’t blame me much. I was meeting the man I had chased like an obsessed black woman for three years. I followed every social media account he had, stalked his every move, defended his choices like a racoon in love with a cheetah. To top my pedigree as an obsessed woman, I left Lagos to Akwa to start a new life just because he lived there. I mean, I could never live in Akwa for all of Bill Gate’s money but here I was for a man I wanted.

And when I want something, I always get it. He came as a challenge and challenges turned me on. Maybe that was what got me even spiked.

The fact he didn’t notice anything I did or didn’t do, he never responded to my messages and completely ignored my existence. It drove me harder to achieve my goal. He stopped being a want, he became my “need”.

I grew crazier, daydreamed about him, about us every chance I got. I had his photos placed strategically on every corner of the wall my eyes would meet. It made me feel like I was closer to him.

Finally, he responded. Not a hello, but an invitation to meet him. A proper date in a public place not a hidden corner like freaks would. My excitement knew no bound. He even sent a taxi to pick me up just like a gentleman would.

I was right about him, right about my moves. Finally, I get to meet my Prince as a Princess should.


The sound of his voice did wonders to my mind. I felt my insides melt as he called my name in the most wonderful way.

“Cindy” he called again.

I slowly opened my eyes. “Yes”

Oh! I thought something was wrong, you had your eyes shut for a while now, he said smiling.

My goodness! He was even more handsome in person, I thought to myself.

“Oh, I’m fine,” I said rather shyly.

Thank you for meeting me, He continued.

Oh! Thank you for meeting me, you don’t know how long I have waited for this, I responded.

Ah! I can imagine, he said coyly with a cute side smile.

You must meet my family, he continued as he reached out to take my hand.

Family? I asked rather surprised. Did he mean his mom and dad? Or his siblings? That would be a joke.

“Cindy, meet my lovely wife and my sons,” He said totally ignoring my expression.

My eyes turned to meet a beautiful round woman and two chubby boys I presumed would be around the ages of eight and ten.

Your what? I asked. My voice betrayed my emotions as it rang high with that question.

“Yes my family, we looked forward to seeing you today,” he said smiling only the way the devil could.

I staggered back completely cut off from whatever his lips spoke as my thoughts deafened his words. My mind in so much rage as I battled to control them. How could he be married? It wasn’t even possible. He neither posted nor acknowledged the life of a married man on his media accounts.

Suddenly, it all became clear to me. I abandoned my life to chase a man I clearly didn’t know. The whole time I had been blind thinking I saw clearly.

Nooooooo! I screamed. You can’t be married! I screamed repeatedly? With the way my mind raged, I was certain I would go mad.

I can’t? He asked me.

I couldn’t see clearly anymore. All I saw was my stupidity served to me on a platter of gold. I saw clearly how blind I had been for the past three years. I couldn’t do anything. I had to leave here.

So I ran. My tears blocked what was left of my vision but I didn’t care if I stumbled or got hit by a car. I just ran. The wind chased after me mockingly. I swear I could hear them laugh.

I was blind already. Being deaf couldn’t be bad too.

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