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I have never been a fan of February the Fourteenth. While everyone was shuffling through the counters of a gift shop shopping for their loved ones I was busy looking for books to read.

Valentine never really counted for me.  I usually spent mine alone, no family, friends or even a partner. I would just make a few calls to my parents and my siblings to avoid being called a loner. But truly, they were the only ones who really mattered although I secretly wished that I had someone else who would matter a lot to me.

Phew!! Forget I said that. I was of the opinion that Cupid didn’t find me an interesting person hence little or no recommendations and on terrible days, the worst recommendations.

As a student on valentine days, I would snuggle up in bed with a good book and a bowl of fruit salad and some bars of chocolate, while trying hard not to lose focus as fellow students screamed after unveiling their valentine packages.

The gossips will roll in later in the evening, talking about the highlights of the celebration on campus, I would eavesdrop on those. But that would be all I had for Valentine, the stories.

Years after graduating, my love life was worse than it was as a student. This particular year, Valentine fell on a work day and I would be at work. For a good reason, I was glad I was going to be at work. I had the perfect distraction and my reality could wait for hours till I have enough time to consider my loneliness.

Unknown to me, the universe had other plans. David called me a few days to Valentine to say he would be in town briefly for business meetings.

David and I had this on and off crush thing going on for quite a while. I had stopped to think about any real thing happening between us. And his call gave me mixed feelings about his visit.

More than any other thing,  I wanted to see him. But David was peculiar about his visit being a strict business visit and he already said his schedule would be tight. Although he left a clause somewhere, something about making out time to see me before he left town.

I wasn’t taking that too seriously, I mean this was David. Someone who had a track record of disappointments. I really shouldn’t get my hopes up. But a part of me still wanted to push my luck, anything was possible after all.

I had this evil grin on my face thinking about what it would feel like being around David when love was floating on the air. Will the season create a spark between us, would he suddenly realize what he had been missing the whole time?

My thoughts were running here and there. It irritated me yet excited me. Well, I wasn’t sure about David but no one said I couldn’t enjoy a moment of fantasy.

I started to feel like love finally left me a mail. Here I was making plans for someone I wasn’t sure about. “I could get him to spend the valentines day with me right”,  I thought loudly.

Jeez! Stop already! I exclaimed. Embarrassed at how I was excited and giddy over something that didn’t seem possible. Even if David made good of his word and gave us both a date, he didn’t seem like one to be romantic about it.

I already had the perfect restaurant in mind. Dominos had just opened a new place in my area. It seemed like the perfect place to go. I was tired of making plans without pushing them truly.  So I called him back and asked if he could make time for that evening.

He laughed like he read my mind and asked what was peculiar about that evening.  I tried explaining and found myself stuttering and he kept laughing. I was so embarrassed and my face flushed with anger. I should have known better, David was the worst jerk in town and I still wondered what it was about him that made my heart flutter.

So I just cleared my throat and told him he could forget about it. He was about saying something but my patience had grown thin and I hung up on him.

I sunk to my seat, completely exhausted from playing fiddle with my heart. Blame it on the Universe or maybe Cupid. That silly cherub was having a hard laugh.

What a joke!

My hopes were dashed. Did I really hope? It was even worse than I called David to top my list of ” things you should never do”.

Another year, another boring Valentine’s Day. Now it became obvious love wasn’t made for me, I sighed.

On Valentine’s eve, I received a call from David asking if I was still available for the 14th. After everything I went through, David called to ask me this? I was furious. Maybe not furious because a part of me leapt for joy. I acted like I needed to think about it, if only he knew how much I needed that date. But I couldn’t come easy, he needed to feel what I felt when I asked him earlier.

After much hesitation, I finally gave in to it. When he asked if I had a place in mind, I quickly dropped my dream location.

Time to go back to the drawing-room! Yippeeee! I was so excited. Whatever it took, I was going to make sure I didn’t miss any opportunity to make this moment worth it.

Finally, I was having a chance at experiencing something real. So I ran through their menu and they had a Valentine’s special, “Lotta-Chocca-Pizza”. Mhmmm…my mouth watered already.

This felt perfect. What love story started with a bite of chocolate pizza and a really fine man? Yes! You guessed right! Mine!

I was so filled with excitement. I could barely breathe. I prayed to the heavens that David wouldn’t call to change his mind. I thought about it, devouring a mouth-watering piece with David staring into my soul.

I could already picture the evening. A dimly lighted booth, table just for two with us sitting close to the windows with the moon nodding its approval, tiny love fairies making melodies that only our hearts could hear, laughing at our jokes and passing secret messages with our eyes, then finally sealing our on and off relationship with a promise of forever.

It was perfect.

The deal day came and I was nervous. David was definitely a mind reader, he was there before me, and picked a table just like I imagined it.

But here is the part I didn’t tell you, I rushed home after work that day, had my bath and got fitted into this rare black dress my dad got me from his last trip to Venice.

It was designed by Versace, a strapless dress covered in sequins. I looked like a princess in those, the only thing missing was a tiara, but this wasn’t a tiara night.

I matched my outfit with a smart black strapped heeled sandals and neatly tucked my hair in a red bow.  I looked like I was dressed by heaven’s fashion designers.

When I arrived at the restaurant, I turned heads but that didn’t matter to me. There was just one head I aimed at. I saw him, he was standing staring at me intensely, I felt his eyes burn my body.

I had to snap my fingers on his face to bring him to reality, this made us chuckle. He whispered in my ears that I looked amazingly beautiful and said the goddess of beauty would be raving mad if she saw me then and we both laughed at the joke.

The night seemed to start on a good note. When he bent to kiss my cheeks, he caught the scent of my cologne and he inhaled deeply. That made me feel like a whole snack. David knew how to make a woman feel beautiful, perfect.

I just smiled while he pulled my seat for me. I was topping my game, I thought and it gladdened my heart. The evening went as planned. He ordered the chocolate pizza, which was about the most exquisite food I had tasted.

Later on, it became chilly and we had to end the evening. David insisted we walked from the estate gate where I lived to my house since the distance wasn’t too far as I claimed. He said he wanted to take the time to walk with me.

How romantic! Except it wasn’t a walk in the park. He blew my mind when he bent to take off my heels and replaced them with his sneakers which were big yet adorable. We laughed as I struggled to walk in his shoes.

I was love- struck at this point. We walked slowly, taking notes of everything, teasing each other and laughing a lot.

We arrived at my gate. He kissed my forehead and asked that I sleep well, promising to call the next day. Then he whispered in my ears the only words I wanted to hear “I LOVE YOU”.

What!!!! David said he loves me!! I was definitely going to run mad! The firecrackers over my head deafened my raging thoughts. My heart went tipi-diti-dot. I didn’t even notice when he left till I opened my eyes to see I stood out there alone. Oh my! Cupid came through for me.
………………….sighing, I shut down my laptop and took out my nerdy glasses. Another lazy thought had delayed the completion of my project.

You can’t blame me, I am a single, lonely woman who has just her dreams and thoughts to keep her going. Since love had decided not to come through for me, I could make do with my sense of imagination or maybe I would try my luck at writing.

Hopefully, David could find me real soon. Any David at all.

I turned off the light and went to bed sad again.

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