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They had dated for four years and she had never heard such urgency in his tone. What could it be? It almost 5pm, she would be leaving the office soon. He asked they meet up at her place. She had been staring at her watch, counting the minutes left.

Alas, it was five, she packed up and drove off.  There he was!  Hey Ola, how are you?, he asked.  Peering into eyes, trying to find out the reason for the urgency. She couldn’t tell, he even addressed her by her name.

“Hmm baby,  I’m fine. Is everything okay”, she stammered.  ” Yes,of course. Ermm…let’s go in. I have something to discuss with you, he said leading her in. 

But baby….Shhhh, he interrupted.  Just sit, they sat. He cleared his throat. “Ola, we have been dating for four years now right?, he asked. ” Yes we have, why?”, she replied him into questioning look on her face.

Wait!, could this be what she had been praying for? Was he finally about to propose? Her heart leaped. Oh! She had waited for this earnestly, prayed for it fervently. But she had to be patient she couldn’t spoil this moment. Their four years was finally paying off, she thought. 

“Okay”, he said interuppting her thoughts. ” You have been amazing this whole time and I truly appreciate. Then he paused, pacing the room. “So, what are you saying on essence”, she asked him.  He knelt down before her, looking into her eyes, searching them like he placed something in them.

Their hearts were both panting. Then he stood up backing her and said ” we need to end this”.  What? She sprang up. Walking to fave him. “Uche, end what?” He looked at her. Pain filling his heart, but he had no choice.”Yes Ola, we need to end this”. 

“Why, what have I done?” She asked, her eyes became teary. He held her, “nothing, is just….” “Just what?, Is there someone else?”

“Yes, there is”, he answered her. She sank to the seat. Took a long breath then asked ” who?” “You”, he replied. She looked at him confused. Me?, she asked.  Yes, you! You have been the ” OTHER WOMAN”. I’M A MARRIED MAN. 

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