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The week had been quite exhausting for me but it was worth everything. I was planning my Disney themed wedding and that was more important to me than any stress I may have felt. 

After my 35th birthday celebration, I decided it was a full-time business to find me the man of my dreams. I heard my clock ticking every damn time and I wanted my have my own kids badly, I didn’t want to have them with just anyone hence the “delay”. My friends called me “picky”, I didn’t mind. They didn’t know what I wanted after all. I grew up as a Princess cum Queen. I couldn’t settle for anyone less than a “King”. 

I was at an office function when I saw him. There he was sitting like a king. His regal aura caught my attention. He laughed in such a royal manner and the way he held his wine glass, you could swear he was born with one. His presence was so overwhelming, I began to envy those around him. If only they saw what I saw, they would protect him like an egg. 

I watched him eat, making sure not to be seen by him. I haven’t met anyone who had more polished table manners. Man, I was lost. My friend caught me staring and had to pinch me to reality. But I couldn’t help it. Suddenly his eyes caught mine and in a bid to look away, I hit the table loudly. 

Jeez! The embarrassment coupled with the pain my head felt wasn’t my plan for the evening. I started to hear “ooooh” and “ahhs”. But I was doing everything to ensure I saw no one. Their concerns could wait, if I dared looked I was certain I would look like one who had tomato paste splashed on her face. 

Excuse me! Can I have that checked if you don’t mind? 

Right there I heard the voice that changed my life forever. I didn’t know who it was, I wanted to think or guess. But the voice alone was enough for me. 

I looked up to see who owned the baritone voice that changed the moment for me. It was him. The man who threw my small world in disarray. He looked even more handsome than I thought. We stared at each other for about 30 seconds. My world stopped for a moment. My heart pounded loudly, I wonder if he heard or if anyone in the room heard. But I didn’t care. 

He broke the stare and placed his delicate palm on my forehead. I prayed silently in my heart that this moment wouldn’t end. How did one have so much influence on another? 

It’s just a little bump, he said interrupting my thoughts. 

Oh! Is that so? I carelessly responded placing my palm on my forehead. My skin brushed against his and he took his palm away slowly. I thought he felt it too. 

“I will get you Ice”, he said reassuringly. He quickly turned and instructed one of the waiters to bring him a pack of ice with a towel. 

I’m Charles by the way, he said with a cute smile on his face. 

Prince Charles, you mean? I asked shyly. Then he let out the most beautiful laughter I had ever heard. “Nice sense of humour you have there. Unfortunately, I’m no Prince” he said winking at me. 

That moment I knew I had found him. Six months later, we were planning a regal wedding. He shared my dreams and his views were not far from mine. He called me his queen and treated me just how a queen deserved to be treated. 

He would open the car doors, pull the seats for me, send flowers regularly, the list was endless. He was just the perfect description of “Prince Charming”. Today we are going to make this beautiful relationship official and prepare to bring in princes and princesses into the world. 

Yippee! I was excited. He already sent in my breakfast to my hotel room with white roses; my favourite kind of roses and a note reaffirming his love for me. My soon to be husband was just so amazing.

While everyone worked their butts to ensure the entire event was up to our standard. I dreamed more of walking that aisle and saying ” I do”

I was ready. 

An orchestra played. A red carpet was laid from the car park to the church aisle. My mom said I looked regal and I was the perfect bride. I was regal needless to say. My bridal dress was made of 100% pure cotton and the finest satin with 1000 sapphire and emerald stones laid on it. My tiara was the 1870 Victorian style and my bouquet was made with fresh white roses. 

My shoes! Those were handcrafted by one of the finest shoemakers in France. My Prince made sure of that. My veil was 75 feet, just divine. 

I wasn’t sure anyone looked better than I did. Ever. 

Then I saw him. My Prince. 

He looked more handsome than the day before. His hazel coloured eyes glowed as the amber light cast on them and his teeth shone so brightly as he smiled. I noticed, his eyes looked only at me. Just me. 

This was perfect, everything was perfect. 

Aha! Did I tell you about the rings? I guess not. They were cut from pure white gold and mine had emerald stones added to it. Our initials were marked on the side of the rings. A promise of forever. 

The reverend blessed us and proclaimed us man and wife. 

I couldn’t believe that moment. I am married! I gasped. I felt tears fall from my eyes. I wasn’t just married, I thought. I was married to the most wonderful man on earth. 

“You may kiss the bride”
Lucia! Lucia! I heard someone call me, but I couldn’t tell where it came from or who it was till I felt a hand tap me on my back. 


Jeez! Mom! You scared me. I said trying to get up from the bed. 

Wait! What? That was a dream? I shouted. I quickly glanced the room, recognizing it was my part of the house. Ahhh! I sighed. 

Not again, I couldn’t keep having dreams. This whole time, I thought my life had changed but no I was still very much unmarried, no boyfriend and I lived with my mother.

I sighed again. My mom should have let me be. Phew! 

Sorry, Mom. 

I walked to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water leaving my mom wondering what kind of dream I had and I wondering what I apologized for. 

If only she knew. 

I sighed again. 

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