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Valentine! I thought

about the Valentine,

I looked forward to

and I realized that I

wanted things far

from the usual

Valentine needs.

Where there any special songs for Valentine? I found myself thinking as I searched my library for a book to read. I thought about the cinema, the queue as people bought tickets to see “Valentine” movies. And here I was looking for a book to read.

Finally, I decided to read my article “Cupid Arrow”. And if you haven’t read that yet, I got you covered (read here CUPID ARROW).

Then I thought about what everyone probably wanted for Valentine. What Valentine really meant, for me and for everyone around me.

I wasn’t very mushy about Valentine, have never been. I wonder why I would choose one day out of 365 days to express my love for my partner or whoever I choose to spend Valentine with.

Why would the presents I receive on Valentine’s day mean more to me than the regular wrist bands he gets for me from the Mallam’s store or the cute bag he got because he thought it would look nice on my hand and for no special occasion or reason other than ” I love you babe, and I think you deserve this and more”. 

Why would sex even feel special because it is a Valentines’ day? Oh! Come on!

After reading that article again, I started to compare what I had in common with my character in “Cupid Arrow” and our differences and how we both saw Valentine’s day.

Then I made a few lists. While she needed a Valentine date to validate her ability to get a man, I didn’t. While she thought, not going out on Valentine’s day was a sign of loneliness, I didn’t think so. And of course she is SINGLE and I’m Plural (rolls my eyes and smacks lips).

Yea! I said that. Thank you, next!

On a more serious note, this is what I think, Valentine can be special but every day should be special. Whatever you do for your partner, loved ones or everyone around you should mean much more than whatever meaning Valentine’s day gives to it.

Love shouldn’t be tagged to a day. Love should be every day.

And Valentine can be spent anywhere. There shouldn’t be a stereotype to this. A fancy restaurant, chocolate and roses? Come on! Honestly, if I had to repeat the same pattern every February 14th, I might as well forget the existence of the date.

Have you ever considered a concert, the church, a stadium, the streets of Lagos or Kano, behind your TV set? Or that it can be spent with children, family, strangers, lovers or even God.

And when you anticipate for presents, anticipate more for love in its truest form, anticipate for time, laughter and happiness. When those gifts don’t come, it doesn’t mean you mean nothing, it simply means, you mean everything a gift couldn’t describe. Ermm, this is still my opinion, so don’t raise your stones yet.

Okay, Lisa wake up! This is one helluva motivational speech. You should take a seat close to Trevor Noah right now or shake hands with Ellen DeGeneres.

It is safe to say that I wrote all of this just to say, I’m spending Valentine in my clinic attending to patients and I probably won’t get pizza or ice cream. Heroines like myself I hear don’t need too much sugar and spice (clears throat).

But hey! I’m good. Show me no pity. I chose this life after all.
As I end this not too long note, I wish you reading this a Happy Valentine!
PS: Drop a triangle-shaped piece of Pizza by my doorstep today, a patient may need all the love.

Tell me your stories too in the evening, I need all the gist (winks). Happy February the Fourteenth!

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